Introducing the Blocks
The Blocks is a 3,333 PFP collection for crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
Unlike many NFT projects, The Blocks is built with a long-term business and community in mind – “Mr. Block.” Mr. Block is building a community-grown knowledge hub to educate, onboard and enable the blockchain ecosystem and next generation of crypto participants.
The Blocks NFT collection is the gateway mechanism for our user community with a robust and exciting roadmap! As a holder of The Blocks NFT, you’re joining a passionate community of education ambassadors for the blockchain ecosystem, ready to onboard and empower new participants into Web3 and Crypto.
The Mission
This cartoon represented a disenfranchised union worker appearing with a rectangular-shaped, wooden-block head who often wore a smallish tophat and checkered shirt. He was the victim of setback after setback and was portrayed to be sympathetic to the common worker. In essence, he was a servant to “The Man.”
But times have changed! The Mr. and Mrs. Blocks of Web3 have a different mission and value system: we are champions of the common person and have evolved into the role as leader and educator in the world of crypto currency.
The Blocks are a beacon for the Mr. Block brand mission: to be the knowledge platform for an authentic and educational experience within a trusted and transparent blockchain community.
Join us!
As we explore this new frontier of modern technology together, inviting newcomers, enabling members and empowering all, to a new level of social, culture, and economic independence!
The Art
Based off of Reibe’s original early 20th century character, this 21st century version has taken on a new life while paying an homage to its roots.
Many unique traits abound in this collection that serve to highlight Mr. Block’s mission to drive education across the many aspects of blockchain technology.
Some items give a wink and a nod to other, well-known NFT collections while others seek to drive forward the idea that this is an inclusive community built for everyone.
The Blocks NFTs come stacked with these benefits
Mr. Block Research App
Whitelist beta launching March ‘22! This is your home for all things blockchain in one beautifully designed web & mobile app.
Mr. Block Shwag
Every Blocks holder will have the opportunity to receive a custom-printed OpenTee of their exact NFT.
Membership DAO
Our community will feature crypto incentives, Learn2Earn, social / influencer collaborations and Web3 governance.
VIP List
Early access to new products and features, plus eligibility for airdrops, staking, educational courses, and IRL events.
Exclusive 1/1s
Only 5 in existence!
Minting an exclusive 1/1 NFT will entitle the recipient to an original, hand-drawn sketch by our collection artist, Blockheady.
Charitable Donations
Giving back to the community
We’re allocating 1.11% of NFT proceeds to Web3 education-based charitable organizations.

Project Roadmap

This is just the beginning. The community can look forward to more announcements over time.


Community Whitelists

To maximize the quality and value of our community, many of our future projects will be released on a whitelist basis. Our current roadmap for whitelist projects includes the Mr. Block app, The Build-a-Block NFT collection and NFT incentives / utility features. Join our Discord to learn how you can get on the whitelist.

E-Commerce Discounts & OpenTee Shwag

NFT holders will receive discounts and gift cards to the Mr. Block ecommerce store. In addition, every NFT holder will have the opportunity to receive a custom-printed OpenTee of their exact NFT after the minting process.

Exclusive NFT Incentives & Utility

9 random NFTs from the collection will be minted as 1-of-1s, hand designed by our artist, Blockheady. Each of these 1-of-1s will be accompanied by a hand-drawn sketch of your NFT. Once the mint is complete, 9 additional random NFT holders will receive a .2 ETH airdrop. Additional staking, airdrop, and utility opportunities are beginning in April ‘22.

Mr. Block App Release

The Mr. Block App is a beautifully designed product that provides a single app for all things blockchain. This app will be the heart and soul of the community as we begin to collaborate, deliver crypto incentives to our users, and help onboard the next generation of newcomers and enthusiasts to the blockchain industry. Sign up for the whitelist here!

IRL Events

Throughout the year, the Mr. Block team and community will be attending industry conferences to host “Blocks Party” meetups. As the community grows we hope to offer our own hosted Blocks Party events.

Neighborhood Experience & DAO Governance

We have aspirations of fully embracing the Web3 model through our project with metaverse experience for members, community token models and DAO-based governance for the community.
About the team
The Mr. Block Foundry is passionate about onboarding new participants to the blockchain ecosystem. It is in our blood to educate, assist and empower our network of friends, family and community through the power of blockchain technology.
The team behind this project possesses a wide range of industry experience and shares a common passion for the Web3 revolution.
Blockheady has been a brand design architect, graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist for nearly 20 years. He has worked with large commercial brands such as Clorox, Dow and Syngenta as well as a bevy of companies in the consumer packaged goods space with special respect to brands that promote healthy lifestyles (Burt’s Bees, Naternal CBD, Tribucha Kombucha, et al). His narrative is one that fits well with Mr. Block.
A relative newcomer into the world of cryptocurrency, he began to hear more and more about how NFTs could be beneficial to the artist and creative community and he began to investigate.
He first started listening to podcasts, reluctantly joining Twitter and finally attending the DCentral Miami conference in an effort to gain more knowledge on the subject.
It was there that he met up with the Mr. Block team and they quickly aligned on mission and vision. Now here he is — minting his first NFT project and working closely across the various Mr. Block channels.
@Block_Heady on Twitter
The Blocks NFT Bio image



Former Web2 startup guy turned WAGMI, focused on building educational onramp solutions that drive participation in Web3. Passionate about crypto adoption and the convergence of new emerging technologies. JPEG flips by night - major supporter of various NFT Communities, including: Sappy Seals, BearX, and Lazy Lions 🦭 🐻 🦁

The Blocks NFT Bio image



Crypto-skeptic turned hobbyist, turned full-time professional, passionate about business-and-technical model evolutions

The Blocks NFT Bio image


OG Web3 Engineer

OG Ethereum/Web3 engineer with veteran NFT experience. Worked at ConsenSys, Datadog and Adaptive

The Blocks NFT Bio image

J Dawg

Design & Tech Consultant

Ethereum OG building creative and intuitive Web3 apps for software companies and lifestyle brands.

The Blocks NFT Bio image


Community Mod

Our Community Mods are your go-to resources for project information on Discord.

The Blocks NFT Bio image

Doc Block

Community Mod

Our Community Mods are your go-to resources for project information on Discord.

The Blocks NFT Bio image

Crypto Gelix, Crypto Registryy, Cryptozyle

Social Media Wizards

Recruited directly from our early community of blockchain and NFT lovers, these guys are keeping our social media account fun, engaging and helpful.


Answers to your most common questions about The Blocks! If you have more questions, you can ask our project team directly in our Discord server.
What are The Blocks?
The Blocks are a collection of 3,333 PFP NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain, using the ERC-721 standard so that each NFT is provably unique. Beyond the artwork, each NFT comes with benefits outlined on our roadmap.
How do I buy The Blocks NFTs?
Join our Discord server to learn about how and when you can mint your Blocks NFT!.
How much do The Blocks NFTs cost?
The Blocks will be priced at 0.2 ETH per NFT, plus gas, for both the whitelist and the public sale.
How do I get on the whitelist?
Joining The Blocks NFTs whitelist will allow you to mint your NFTs in the presale; the presale date is TBD. Join our Discord server to learn how to get on the whitelist!
What can I do with my NFT?
Every NFT in this collection comes with all of the features and benefits outlined in our roadmap. Most importantly, and long our project ethos, we are granting holders the ability to purpose their NFTs for commercial use with consent from the The Blocks project team. Please review our Terms & Conditions carefully to learn more.
Where can I see my NFTs?
After you mint your NFT, you will be able to connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea or Rarible, and view your collection there. If you have the MetaMask mobile app, you’ll be able to see your NFT collection right on your phone.